Shattered lenses, bent bridges, split rims, and of course the all too familiar dematerialised arms. Just when these common situations were finally being accepted by consumers as "charming in their own right", PAPP UV promptly demonstrated to us that these fabrication faux-pas should no longer be compromised.

Planted and grown right in the concrete of Berlin, PAPP UV is a visionary pair of sunglasses made from hard fibres extracted from recycled wood and paper. The result is a unique collection of infamous luxury eyewear models, splashed with an element of fun and irony that can be accessed by all different wallet depths.

Preserving both the weight of its paper origin and the resistance of its wooden roots, this individual concoction offers us an extra layer of freedom due to its lightness, as well as a taste for adventure due to the flexibility and vibrant design - soon available in two new styles PAPPIATOR and COSMO!

No cases needed, instead, just slip it inside your favourite book as a page marker during your travels. No breakage, now you can confidently lend it to your most tireless friends without waiting for those all important news. The whole amounts to a further detachment from our need to preserve our belongings, reminding us that objects are plainly ephemeral and should be exploited to the fullest before they cease to exist.

With two new colours in yellow and mint brought to the collection, in addition to an exclusive kids edition; PAPP UV is the crucial traveling accessory this year, with each affordable pair built to resist every festival season!

Be one of the first to see the new styles, new colors and the kids collection which will be released at London's Optical fair, 100%optical from 16-18 February 2014!