PAPP UP's New Features

PAPP UP's new technical features for the summer 

Where does actually the PAPP UV come from? Most of the components we use to make sustainable sunglasses and reading glasses just come from around the corner. The frames are a mixtures of wood and paper made in Germany:

1 mm thick material is used to provide the right comfort, durability and lightness. The wooden plates get screen printed in the Mosaik Workshop in Kreuzberg, Berlin with food-safe colours, laser cut, logo engraved and then oiled to make them waterproof and sweat resistance. After drying the frames are assembled out of 14 parts in our social workshop Mosaik for handicapped people: The front of the frames get heat bended, the ends get equipped with a little bendable metal plate customised by our friendly neighbours Klebeland and covered with a small plastic tubes, which is also normally used as electric cable at most of electronic devices and comes from Poland:

Left overs of ordinary cable. Inflections for the nose pads are channelled with our customised machines for PAPP UP with templates also made in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The polarised lenses with a UV 400 protection from China are being clinched with little metal rivets to the frame and a caoutchouc strap attached to the temples of the glasses. Packed in recycled paper cases PAPP UV sunglasses and PAPPREADERS are ready to go anywhere in the world.

For this summer PAPP UP has improved the PAPP UV sunglasses with several new features:

• Thicker material is used for the frames for more durability, now the glasses last even longer.

• Curved front frame by heat bending for better fitting, now the glasses are snuggling to your face and inner reflexions are not possible. 

• Laser engraved nose pads for more comfort and easier bend. The little nose pads got even thinner and provide a better fit on your nose with out losing durability.


Yes, our sunglasses are still hand made out of a mixture of wood and paper in the heart of Berlin – Kreuzberg at the Mosaik Workshops for handicapped people.