Usually yes, but be aware that we do not have a "store" but workshop & office. Therefore please call us before visiting us because it can happen that we do not have your model in stock and have to build it first:
+49 (0)30 61107623

Well, we are not Amazon :)
All sunglasses are handmade and produced in Germany just in time of your order. We are aware that 5-7 working days is nowadays comparable with an old mail coach, that is why we are continuously working on this service, to make it better and faster.

Indeed we do, but currently please get in touch with us to check the status of your order (mail@cante.berlin). We are working on the implementation of the tracking ID to your order.


It is not recycled, but also not exclusively manufactured for our sunglasses. We are using half-tanned leather, so called tumbled full grain leather. This high-precision material can be shaped when being wet and stays extraordinary shaped after drying. We are exclusively working with medical leather coming from the orthopaedy industry, whose manufacturing is heavily supervised and can be tracked all the way to it's manufacturers in Switzerland and Germany.
We decided on purpose to NOT produce complete leather glasses, because we think that no animal should die only for "decorational" reasons.
Only our leather hinge (of the Cante models) is 2cm x 5mm big and has this unique feature to be very flexible, yet staying in a firm shape to keep the sunglasses in position. To guarantee quality and safety of our glasses, we cannot apply recycled materials on all elements of the glasses.